Top 5 Skincare Treatments Used by Models

Top 5 Skincare Treatments Used by Models

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Ways to Accentuate Your Natural Beauty

Imagine you open a magazine to see a gorgeous model with flawless skin, a pearly white smile, and a gorgeous body. You may be thinking, “why I don’t I wake up looking like that every day?” The truth is…NEITHER DO THEY! Even models put effort into their appearance and have complex routines that keep them photoshoot and runway ready.
Below you will find the top 5 skincare treatments that models use to prep for big, career moments like New York Fashion Week.

Magnetic Cupping facial

Cupping is a natural remedy you may have tried to alleviate minor aches & pains, promote blood-circulation, and to ease muscle soreness; or you may have seen famous athletes like, Michael Phelps, flaunt his circular bruises after his treatment session, before taking the Olympic stage. This ancient treatment, similar to acupuncture, promotes blood circulation and helps release toxins in the body. Although the foundational benefits are the same, magnetic-cupping facials are bruise-free. The cups don’t remain suctioned to the skin (causing the black & blue result) but instead stay in constant motion, which emanates a healing, vibrating sensation. The calming therapy provides detoxification, promotes lymphatic drainage, and brings nutrients to the surface of your skin improving its overall health. The outcome is a smoother, lifted complexion with a natural-glow made for the stage!

Venus Versa System™ Treatment

A revolutionary, non-surgical skin treatment system that targets your most pressing aesthetic concerns. Why Venus Versa™, you ask?
Perfect for models, whose skin and smile can make or break their lasting impression. Also, anyone looking to up their beauty game and desires a confidence boost! Using innovative, clinical technologies Venus Versa™ improves body contour, clears skin, diminishes fine lines and much more. This system is highly customizable to suit your personal needs. The process is quick to save you valuable time and equipped with safety features for the most pleasant experience possible. One other major advantage is the little-to-no downtime required, before getting back to your daily routine.
Own your confidence and show off your beautiful skin to the world – Model or Not!
Posh Dental provides Venus Versa treatment for our patients. Inquire About What Types of Venus Versa™ Treatments We Offer!

Laser Hair Removal

No model will risk a single leg-hair glistening in the stage lights, as they strut down the runway in front of thousands. They are virtually hairless, with smooth, silky skin that could make anyone envious. The key is laser hair removal. A treatment you have at least heard of, if you’re not already an avid user; laser hair removal is a method that uses light to penetrate the epidermis layer and disables the reproduction of hair follicles from the root.
Wave goodbye to razor burn and say hello to photoshoot ready legs! Beach season, here you come!
Infrared Sauna Wraps
A new development that is taking the modeling industry by storm is the use of infrared sauna wraps to burn calories and release toxins that leave you in a state of ultimate relaxation. The HD infrared wraps raise your core body temperature, which increases your metabolic rate, clears your pores, and increase your blood-flow. If you ever wanted to burn a whole lot of calories while watching your favorite Netflix show, then get ready to SWEAT with infrared wraps!
According to Kaps and Berlingeri (co-founders of highDOSE), there’s some science behind this phenomenon: “infrared triggers our brain’s happiness chemicals (dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins), so our wraps get you high naturally; you leave feeling beautiful and buzzed.”

Cool Sculpting
Cool sculpting is a non-surgical fat reduction treatment that has received FDA approval, the first and only. It uses patented technology, freezing methods, to permanently reduce the amount of fat cells in trouble areas. How does it work? The fat cells are exposed to the super cooling method for a certain period of time causing them to crystallize and eventually die. Yes, you have it right, the appearance of weight-loss without surgery, NO needles, and NO downtime.
Don’t be embarrassed if you are interested, because even supermodels squeeze this new technology into their routine.

These are few of the many new treatments and technologies that keep magazine, commercial and supermodels pampered & pristine. They are made for anyone who wants a confidence boost, to maintain healthy, glowing skin and look their very best! When we look good, we feel GREAT and that is important. You can change a lot of your life with attitude.

Here at Montclair Dental Spa, we are more than just a dental office. We focus on whole-body aesthetics and health, rather than soley on dental care. We want you to look, feel and be the best you!
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