Tips for Dating After a Divorce: 40+

Tips for Dating After a Divorce: 40+

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Gain Confidence by Investing in Great Smile

Does the thought of post-divorce dating, over 40, scare you to the core?
Considering the 40+ percent divorce rate reported in the United States, in 2018, we can safely say you are not alone. There are thousands of people looking to make their way back into the dating scene and struggling all the same. Many of you may be thinking, “I have had it all: marriage, kids, a career, then a divorce. What could possibly be next?”
Divorce can be an over-powering emotional roller coaster—full of anger, self-doubt, heart-break and even guilt. It can be hard to adjust to your newfound single life, especially after years, or even decades of marriage. However, we are here to tell you that there is hope. Your situation is always a matter of perspective, is the glass half-full or half-empty.
Today, we will argue on the side of positivity and focus on what you do have and can do moving forward. You now have a chance to embrace your youthful curiosity, relish in the possibility of feeling loves tingly spark once again and to just be YOU.
These tips may ease your transition back into the world of first dates and help you find the confidence you once had in your 20s. The only difference is, it comes from the person you have grown to be and the wisdom you now possess, not a place of impulsive naivety.

1. Reconnect with Who You Are Now

In the beginning, when everything is quite fresh, it is important to get in touch with who you are now – not dwell on who you were in the past. Do not kid yourself with the notion that you’re the same person you were in the honeymoon stage of your marriage, in your 20s or even a mere few years ago. People are always changing, learning and growing. It is only natural. Focus instead, on your chance for self-discovery. Try to spend more time in silence, thinking about what YOU desire out of this new chapter in your life. What will make you happy?

2. Embrace Your Strengths

Are you considering online dating? This can be an intimidating and awkward process for some people, but before setting up your profile spend time investing in your appearance and rediscover your best qualities. They are in there. Consider writing down past compliments and all of those admirable qualities, then pin it to your bathroom mirror. A place where you can see it every day if you wish. The more you embrace your strengths—the more positive energy will build inside you.

3. Invest in Your Appearance (CONFIDENCE is EVERYTHING)

You may be feeling less attractive, afraid to be rejected and may be spiraling into depression. After spending years pleasing the recently divorced party and pulling out your hair from the stress of raising children. Going to the salon for a new look, signing up for a monthly gym membership or investing in your overall appearance, is far from frivolous. It is necessary. There is nothing more attractive than confidence. It demands respect and invites positivity.
A great place to start is a winning smile. Our dental health declines with age but, with todays’ advances in dental surgery and technologically there is no reason to be smiling through pursed lips. Say goodbye to being embarrassed and ashamed of your teeth, great dentists can help you get the “Hollywood Smile,” you have always wanted.
Have you heard of dental implants? They fall under the category of cosmetic dentistry, which Montclair Dental Spa is known for, and get rid of the need for removable dentures. Dental implants are permanent anchors integrated in your jawbone to provide a base for long-term tooth replacement. These can potentially last a lifetime, look & feel like real teeth and help protect your jaw from deteriorating. And no need to remove nightly, as many of you may have seen your grandparents do many times in your life. Whether you are missing teeth, chipped, or stained there is a cosmetic treatment for you.
A big smile wins over hearts, spreads joy and radiates confidence.

4. Find an Inspiring Book or Podcast

With the shocking number of people who suffer loss or divorce in the world, you can believe there is an array of self-help, inspirational and motivational books and podcasts available. Take advantage of these odds and grab non-fiction or fictional story of your own. Listening to or reading these works may provide you with new insight into your circumstance and make you feel less alone. By finding something that resonates with you, you may speed up your will to get back into the dating world.
Divorce is painful and challenging, but nothing you can’t handle and eventually, thrive in spite of. Despite the fighting and tears, you married that person for a reason. Do not cut that part of your life out, but instead let go of the bitterness, grow from the lessons and gain back your confidence. A little pampering is worth every penny. Own your new look, pearly white smile and put yourself out there. Dating is not just for the young and adventurous but craves the experienced and ambitious.
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