Teeth Whitening


Teeth Whitening

Most people would like to have a healthy, bright smile. One of the most popular, effective, and safe means of achieving this is through whitening your teeth. With this popular treatment, you can whiten the color of your teeth, with only one treatment. It could last as long as five years.

If you’re interested in whitening your teeth, you’ll start by talking with our dentist about what’s best for you. Some people are better candidates than others for teeth whitening. If your teeth have a yellow, brownish, or orange tinge due to age, coffee, tea, or smoking, you have a good chance that teeth whitening will help you.

However, if your teeth are a dark gray tone from fluorosis, smoking, or tetracycline use, whitening the results could be less dramatic. *Know that whitening doesn’t lighten artificial materials such as veneers or porcelains. Also, people with sensitive teeth, people with periodontal disease, and/or people with worn enamel typically do not respond well to whitening.

Once you get your whiter smile, avoid dark beverages and foods that stain to protect your new, white smile.

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