Lyme Disease and Holistic Dentistry

Lyme Disease and Holistic Dentistry

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“From May through July, people will get more tick bites and tick-borne diseases than any other time of year in the United States,” according to the CDC. Each year there are more than 30,000 cases of Lyme disease reported, while research suggests that the number is pushing more than 10x that. This incredibly high number continues to rise, and the symptoms can have a negative effecton your everyday life.

If you are diagnosed with Lyme disease, you should know that it is more than the flu-like symptoms you hear about and it affects the whole body. Your body is under attack and the balance in your systems is being threatened. The infections combined with the constant flux of your immune system strength, the bacterium can now flourish, and your symptoms may become chronic. When you have Lyme Disease there is nothing more important than ridding your body of harmful bacteria and toxins. A great place to begin is with a holistic dentist.

“Why,” you may ask? Simply put, the mouth is a direct passage to the body. Here, at Posh Dental we strive to aid your body’s natural healing mechanisms to help you overcome oral infections and Lyme disease. The inflammation associated with this infection has a negative, debilitating effect on your mouth, gums, teeth and whole body.

Dental toxicity can also increase the neurological and behavioral symptoms related to Lyme disease. We can help by providing you with all natural, non-toxic options for treatment, along with, the most advanced technologies.

1. Safe removal of silver (mercury fillings) and other heavy metal dental work

We use a special technique to reducing metal leaching to the rest of the body and the replacement of them with composite ones can: help strengthen your teeth naturally, preserve more of your original tooth with less drilling and are tooth-colored for the best aesthetics.

2. Dietary adjustment advice

During the dental exam you can speak with Dr. Moussa about dietary changes that may help to reduce the inflammation that may be causing the worst of your symptoms. For example, a few anti-inflammatory snack ideas just for you: berries, salmon, cauliflower and avocadoes. Along with minimizing irritation foods like, sugar, excessive alcohol, margarine, and trans fats.

3. Emotional support

Our professional staff is here for you no matter what you are struggling with. Please confide in us. We will strategize a plan to minimize any discomfort during treatments and give recommendations to maximize your oral health and your healthy lifestyle.

4. Ozone Dentistry

This means using ozone gas, ozonized oil, and ozonized water, we’re able to perform a vast array of dental procedures in the least invasive way possible. Learn more about the advantages of Ozone dentistry here.


Switching over to a dentist that focuses on whole body health and practices holistic dentistry can help to strengthen your body against this disease.

At Montclair Dental Spa, we pride ourselves in how we provide care that supports whole body health through dental care. Dr. Moussa will do his best to work with your body’s natural healing mechanisms and promote all-natural dental habits.

To learn more about how Dr. Moussa uses dentistry to ensure your whole-body health, please make an appointment by calling: (973)-744-1527