Holistic Dentistry vs. Traditional Dentistry

Holistic Dentistry vs. Traditional Dentistry

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Both approaches to dentistry uphold the standards for care outlined by the American Dental Association. In addition, each dentist strives to provide the best treatment for your discomforts and will help to “fix” your teeth. However, there are a few major differences you should be aware of. Holistic and traditional dentistry truly diverge when it comes to your overall health, and how dental care affects your entire body.
Traditional dentist = one who is licensed to diagnose, treat, and provide care for diseases, injuries and abnormalities found in the teeth, jaw and/or mouth. (per Webster dictionary) On the other hand, holistic dentist’s go above and beyond the standards of care, and focus on providing non-toxic materials, minimally invasive procedures and recognize that what goes on in your mouth affects the whole body.

“Treats Systems, not Symptoms” “Drill & Fill” Mindset
Referred to as Biologic Dentistry Follows ADA Standards for Care
Emphasis on Non-Toxic Materials Provides Preventative Measures
Minimally invasive Procedures Alleviates Discomforts
Follows ADA Standards of Care “Fixes” Teeth
Dental Care that Benefits Your Whole-Body Health Treats Symptoms and the Problems at hand

Illustrating the approach difference: “Chris has severe tooth decay and a receding gumline.”
A traditional care dentist may recommend—dental implants, switching to an electric toothbrush, and/or the use of mouthwash—to delay further gum damage or worse, tooth loss. All of these are valid and will help solve the current problem, but a practicing holistic dentist will delve deeper into the underlying causes. Such as, varying certain lifestyle choices that may be contributing to your dental issue, along with traditional quick-fix options. For example, Dr. Moussa will think critically about the WHY is this happening? And suggest changes like decreasing the amount of high sugar drinks you are consuming, switching up your current dietary habits to promote healthy teeth and gums (eating more crunchy fruits and veggies), or asking you about stress, sleep patterns and hormone shifts.
Traditional dentistry will get the job done, but who doesn’t want someone to go above-and-beyond, especially in regard to their health?
Think about it like this, one – seeks to eliminate the symptoms you are currently experiencing and the other – does that plus, ensures that your dental treatments get to the root of the problem, and will not have any unforeseen negative repercussions on your body.

How A Holistic Approach Helps to Maximize Your Overall Health

1. High-Tech & Minimally Invasive

Counter to popular belief, holistic dentists’ offices, like Posh Dental, have state-of-the-art machines and technology at their disposal. We use these technological advances, combined with the latest protocols, to minimize unnecessary patient pain, recovery time and long hours under the ‘knife,’ so to say.
Techniques and Technology Examples:
Air abrasion allows us to painlessly remove decayed and damaged portions of the teeth while ensuring your absolute comfort. A powerful stream of air and particles will quickly clear the area while preserving the maximum amount of tooth structure
Ozone Therapy uses the power of enriched oxygen to strengthen the teeth, eliminate oral bacteria, and empowers more traditional treatments to provide higher-quality results that stand the test of time
High-Tech Dental Implants
LANAP & Pinhole Surgery – for gum disease and gingivitis

2. Non-Toxic Materials are a Must!

Who wants to compromise their overall health for an aesthetically pleasing smile? You should not have to with holistic dentistry. For example, at Posh Dental, Dr. Moussa uses and performs:
Composite Filling Replacement to create a non-toxic oral environment and maintain your beautifully white smile. You have fillings? No one will ever know.
Metal-Free Crowns – the material is just as strong & durable as dental metal

3. Balancing Cosmetic Options with Long-Lasting Results

We want you to have the bright, vibrant smile that takes years off your appearance, one you can be proud of! With our restorative, orthodontic and cosmetic dental options, the whole spectrum is covered—there is a treatment for you.

4. Whole-Body Health and Individualized Care

Dr. Moussa is here to answer questions you have about holistic dentistry and strives to provide individualized care plans that are made for you. We want to see you make positive lifestyle changes that will help prevent any further damage to your teeth and dental health.

Overall, Holistic dentistry is based on the principle that your natural teeth are priceless, and that as caregivers, we should do whatever we can to preserve them for as long as possible. We’ll take a more cautious and measured approach that will help keep that beautiful smile healthy and whole in the long-run!
Are you ready to experience everything that holistic dentistry has to offer? To learn more or schedule an appointment, contact Montclair Dental Spa today. (973)-744-1527