The Relationship Between Gum Disease & Your Overall Health

The Relationship Between Gum Disease & Your Overall Health

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Gum disease affects more than 80% of American Adults according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The stats may be alarming but they aren’t as alarming as potential health concerns gum disease poses to one’s overall health. With health concerns such as heart disease and diabetes it’s time to address one’s oral hygiene as we discover the connections between gum disease and one’s overall health.

Diabetes & Gum Disease

From previous research and studies, those with diabetes are more prone to developing gum disease and tooth loss from it compared to those who do not have diabetes. Due to a diabetics inability to regulate their glucose levels, one’s mouth becomes more favorable to grow bacteria which leads to gum disease. By controlling one’s blood sugar levels, one can decrease the risk of gum disease and other health complications from diabetes.  

Heart Disease & Gum Disease

The mouth has many vascular pathways, including pathways directly back to the heart. The cause for concern lies with the health of your gums. When a gum becomes infected, the gum becomes swollen with bacteria underneath the gum line. This bacteria is now capable of moving about the body through one of those many vascular pathways. If that bacteria were to settle and start to clog an artery causing decreased blood flow to the heart, one’s chances for a cardiac event are greatly increased.

According to a study done in 2004, gum disease increased the risk of an ischemic stroke with patients with severe periodontitis. Specifically, for men and those under the age of 60. A ischemic stroke occurs when the arteries to one’s brain becomes narrow or blocked, from bacteria caused by gum disease.

As there are many other factors that can lead to a cardiac event, don’t let oral health become one.

Breast Cancer & Gum Disease

A 2015 study found that women with gum disease had a 14% overall increased risk for breast cancer compared to those without gum disease. The study found that the risk jumped to over 30% if they smoked or had smoked over the past 20 years. The initial correlation is eye-opening but further research will be required to make a true connection between gum disease and breast cancer.

Gum Disease is Treatable

Previously, only traditional surgery was the only option for those suffering from gum disease. Today there are more treatment options for gum disease, such as the LANAP® protocol which uses laser technology. The LANAP® procedure is more successful treatment option that is less painful with a shorter recovery time.


Dr. Moussa is the first dentist in the Northern NJ a to offer LANAP, the most significant technological advancement in surgical periodontal treatment in decades. As a LANAP clinician in Northern NJ, he is capable of making an accurate evaluation of your bone structure. You can count on him to help your overall health. He would be more than happy to offer you that opportunity!

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