If you have a broken, chipped, or decayed tooth, a custom-made crown will help you restore the tooth’s strength and appearance. Normally, a crown procedure would take at least two visits to complete. The dentist would prepare your tooth and place a temporary tooth during the first visit. Then, for your second visit, your temporary tooth would be replace with a permanent crown.

Only a few dentists have CEREC technology. When you come to Montclair Dental Spa, you’ll receive treatment with a one-day crown. Each one-day crown is custom-made according your needs and placed in just one appointment.


Here’s WHAT you can EXPECT

On the day of your appointment, we will prep your tooth and take a digital impression of it. We’ll then use that impression to create your custom designed restoration. Our CEREC technology will begin working on your crown using that information while you relax in our Montclair Dental Spa office.

When your crown is ready, we’ll just attach it and make sure it fits properly. You be able to return to your normal routine in the very same day with your revitalized smile!